ADEQ Inspections

  When selling your home, you are required by the state of Arizona to have your septic system inspected by a board certified NAWT inspector. Luckily for you, Weekley N Son Pumping has positioned themselves as one of the leading companies specialized in these very inspections.   

  We are familiar with the Real Estate inspection process, and you will enjoy a seamless transition from scheduling to completion of the job using Weekley N Son. The difference with us is our user friendly philosophy. We realize that selling a home can be a difficult endeavor. This is the very reason why we work with your escrow department and will except payment through them instead of at the time of service. Just a small adjustment to our process that makes your life a little bit easier.

 Our inspections are high tech evaluations, using modern equipment to perform the job quickly and on point. Our camera system allows us to locate the tank in nearly minutes, rather then just prodding around the yard and hoping for the best. Once located we can dig up only the service lids with accuracy, leaving minimal clean up and dirt back fill.

  The ADEQ paperwork is lengthy and complicated for most. But years of filing and completing the packet have transformed us into a company of efficiency.

  We work with the top Realtors of Arizona for that very reason. If these hard working professionals trust us to get the job done, you can to. We strive everyday to make the very best customer experience available to you.

  If you need a Real Estate Inspection, Look no further than Weekley N Son Pumping..


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 Camera System Used for efficiency  Camera System Used for Efficiency

Weekley N Son Pumping Accurate Lid Detection. Skill And Knowledge That Takes Years To Develop