Camera Services

   One aspect that separates Weekley N Son from most other companies in Arizona is our commitment to using a Good Ole Fashion Service philosophy with modern equipment. We realized long ago that providing quicker service with more integrity is a crucial ingredient to our success. This is the very reason why we deploy a camera on every job. 

   Camera technology allows us to see what the human eye cannot. Roots from desert plants our a huge issue in Arizona. These plants were made to survive anyway they could due to the lack of water. Its a great instinct that the good Lord gave these plants, however, it has its disadvantages for your septic system. The smallest root that enters your tank can become a living bush of roots in your system. Roots often will cause plugging and restrictions, for a septic system that relies on constant water flow, its easy to see why this can become a very serious issue.

   Roots can also collapse pvc and abs lines, causing a full on back up of water back up your inlet line and finally into your house.

   With our Camera System we can not only see exactly where the roots are coming from, we can also accurately tell you how to fix it. We are the leading company in this fight against roots. Yes we can solve the issue for you, but more importantly we can provide you with a plan of attack to prevention of your root issues. 

  The Camera System is not just for roots though. Additionally, we can accurately diagnose any other troubles your Septic System may be experiencing.

  Whether you just need us to locate the tank, diagnose your system or find those pesky roots - Weekley N Son has the technology to do so.

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