Pumping out your Septic Tank every 3 years is as important as any other regularly  maintained piece of equipment around your house. Problem is, Septic Systems are for the most part, out of sight out of mind. When you go 5 years plus on a tank without being pumped, you run the risk of issues. If your system is newer than 2001, you will most likely have a filter located in your tank. This filter must be cleaned every 1 year for proper operation. If this is the case, we can provide yearly filter services for you. 

    We say every 3 years you should have it at least looked at because a lot can happen inside these tanks in a years time. If pumping is not necessary at the time of that visit, we will not pump the tank. Rest easy knowing however, when pumping out your Septic System, the job will be done correctly.

   Owner Richard Weekley has more than 30 years plus of knowledge and experience handling the responsibilities of properly cleaning and maintaining Septic Systems. Weekley N Son Pumping is built around that experience. Past downed to his son Ryan, each time we do the job, it is done right. Plain and simple, we get it done. Our truck pumps are strong, something we are very proud of and have spent good money to keep them this way. When we need a little extra power to get the tank cleaned, we have it!!

  Knowledge is what you get when you use Weekley N Son Pumping. Scheduling coordinator Pam, will help you understand the easy process of scheduling your pumping, and help you to manage a proper maintenance timeline.

  Basic Pumping of Septic Systems is where we started, and though we have progressed into other areas of the industry, our foundation is still the strongest in Arizona. Give us a shot to prove our worth to you by letting us handle your Septic Pumps.

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