Septic Care

Understanding the proper care of your SepticSystem can have lasting effects on the longevity of your system and can certainly help your wallet. Below is a basic guide that you can print out and display to everyone in your home, or a tenants home.

DO NOT _________________________________________________________

 Flush thick products such as Baby Wipes, Female Products, Cigarette butts, Paper Towels, Diapers or any other substance that wont break down in water.

 Use excessive water in short periods of time. Your leach line is best operating with a small amount of constant water flow. When you over exceed that limit, stress is put on your disposal to overcome its nature usage. Try to space out showers and laundry loads the best you can. 

Use any additive products that claim they add bacteria that can magically make your solids in the tank disappear. This is not supported scientifically and usually creates and mushy mess in your tank. Also, its a waste of money for you. 

Let your tank go more than 3 years without being looked at and pumped. 

Let your Filter go uncleaned for more than a year.


DO _________________________________________________________________

 Keep only to flushing toilet paper. This will break down and cause no harm to the system.

  Have your tank maintained every 3 years for maximum longevity.

  Have your Filter cleaned and serviced every 1 year to maintain proper operation.